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Kalbach Skincare Closing Sheet, Aug 2020
Your Opinion Please July 2020 The Fabulous Game
Skin Questionnaire - Preprofiling 2020 Hostess Contest
SuzAnne B booking script 2020 Mary Kay Beauty Experience True False Game 2020
80-40 hostess special PINK Feb 2019 The Ultimate Spa & Beauty Experience Hostess Rewards 2018
Hostess Coaching Booking Text Scripts 2018

Preprofiling Beauty Experience Guest info for Beauty Experience
Ultimate Spa Directions, June 2018 Packing Checklist for Skin Care,
August 2018
Customized Eye Application
Mary Kay Naturally order of application MK Mens order of application
TWR Order of Application May 2019 Miracle Set 3D Order of Application
May 2018
Original Botanical Effects Order of Application Botanical Effects order of application,
July 2018
Clear Proof Order of Application May 2018
8-Point Close Booking Scripts & Texting
Only Booking Script You Need Overcoming Objections Flow Chart
Preprofiling Working Full Circle
Sponsoring Game